M&A Disputes

The most significant threat in a transaction is the risk of litigation.

For this reason, at LITIGO PARTNERS, we advise and intervene in disputes arising from company mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) either by preventing transactions from being executed or by claiming our clients’ rights when problems arise after closing a deal (“post-closing disputes”), both from the perspective of the sellers and the buyers.

Moreover, thanks to our extensive experience in this type of litigation, whether before the ordinary courts or in arbitration, we advise our clients on the best strategies to avoid litigation or negotiate settlements without litigation triggering. Although we are a firm primarily focused on litigation, clients regularly consult us before or at the beginning of an M&A transaction, either to anticipate the best scenario in the event of litigation or simply because they value our perspective, knowledge, and experience.

We frequently work with transaction teams from other law firms to develop their transaction strategies for the best “reps & warranties” clauses in any of its variants, as well as complex dispute resolution clauses, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration or ordinary courts, depending on the type of disconformity between the parties.

Our experience in litigation related to significant transactions allows us to deal with buy-side acquisitions and mergers, block transactions through injunctive relief, and enforce financing agreements, among others. Since we are a litigation-only firm with no corporate transactional practice, we have no conflicts of interest or commercial conflicts. We can take on a wide variety of clients, representing either the seller or the purchaser.


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