Asset Tracing and Recovery

The successful outcome of civil and commercial litigation or criminal prosecutions against crimes such as asset stripping, misappropriation or fraud often depends on tracing and recovering assets. The location and ownership of such assets are often hidden through complex corporate or fiduciary structures such as trusts, usually in foreign jurisdictions.

At LITIGO PARTNERS, we have extensive experience in the investigation, initiation, and defence of all types of civil and criminal actions in which urgent preventive measures are often required, such as entry and search warrants, seizure of bank accounts, freezing orders as well as all those aimed at preventing the disappearance of assets, particularly when transferred to other countries.

Our Asset Tracing and Recovery area focuses on such recovery, whether in bank and financial institution accounts or through investments in real estate, shares in companies, financial instruments, or other tangible and intangible assets to prevent their discovery.

Our experience, in collaboration with other law firms and legal advisors worldwide, allows us to identify, collect and prepare evidence to meet the different procedural requirements of various legal proceedings in all jurisdictions.

By combining these court actions with specialised private investigation, forensic accounting, solvency analysis, or cybersecurity teams, we have been able to recover assets that were the subject of contractual disputes or enforce international arbitration awards.


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