Liability of the Public Administration

In many cases, the persons concerned suffer the consequences of decisions and acts of the public administration, and this involves the deprivation of property rights or the imposition of damages that they are not obliged to bear, which gives rise to a right of compensation, provided that the legally established requirements are met.

At LITIGO PARTNERS, we defend our clients in complex claims against public administrations.

Among these processes, the so-called “liability for the legislating State” stands out for its importance in recent years: claims for compensation for damages caused to individuals by regulations passed with expropriation effects subsequently declared unconstitutional or contrary to European Union principles or other conduct of the administration involving similar types of damage due to its ordinary or abnormal functioning.

The uniquely short deadlines for claiming damages and the significant complexity of these procedures, which combine both a route before the administration itself and a subsequent route before the courts, require a great deal of experience to bring the litigation to a successful conclusion, which will usually take the form of a final judgment before the highest courts in Spain and the EU level.


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